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Chloe Garner

  • Over 11 years of working in the fitness industry

  • Retired professional athlete.

  • Co-Funder of Foundation Academy: Stength & Condtioning (Johnson City, Tennessee)

  • Certified CrossFit Trainer

  • Body Alignment Practitioner

  • Passion for helping others to fall in love with building healthy bodies and minds.

  • Wants to use strength and fitness training to empower individuals.

"I understand that we do not always feel motivated to get to the gym, but that is part of my job. To create an environment and an experience that makes you fall in love with the hour that you spend at the gym. Taking time in your day to focus on your physical health should never be viewed as a burden or as a punishment, but rather as a reward and a time to be grateful for what our bodies are capable of doing. I will keep training exciting and full of variety so that you never feel bored, stagnant, or demotivated. This is a crucial part of a successful journey in the gym. Don't hesitate, don't question - just get started. I will be by your side every step of the way." 

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