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How can Body Alignment help you?

What is Body Alignment?

In our ever increasing fast paced and complex lifestyle, sometimes just getting through the day causes stress within the body that we are unaware of.  Until the accumulated buildup of stress results in the body feeling pain.


Long hours behind a computer, driving a car and often just worrying about life in general, may lead to the muscles to becoming stiff, inflamed and painful. Sometimes  the incorrect manner in which you exercise, bad posture, physical and/or emotional trauma, chemical pollution (food additives and polluted air) may cause the muscle to develop an abnormal and sustained contraction known as a hypertonic spasm.

Since muscles comprise 2/3 of your body, a muscle in spasm will have a direct affect on the nervous and circulatory system and thus impact every function of your body.  These hard muscles exert such a pull on the vertebrae and skeletal joints that the bones could subsequently become misaligned. They could also cause wear and tear on the cartilage in between the bones (disintegration, compressed and herniated discs). These misaligned and/or degenerated bones then adversely affect the nerves by pinching on them, causing pain and numbness. Pain wrecks havoc with our immune system, disrupting the balance within the body, undermining our health in general and affecting the holistic optimal functioning of the body. Drugs may alleviate the pain or possibly just mask the problem for only awhile. But then you have to examine the root cause.

Body Alignment stimulates the muscles to relax, heal and unravel the tension stored in deep layers of the muscles.

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